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Choose the Law Office of Swati P. Mantione, P.C. for Your Per Diem Needs in Queens County


A Per Diem Law Firm

Receive dependable court coverage. For more than 10 years, I have been handeling cases in Supreme or Civil Courts in Queens, New York. Contact me at (917) 622-8983 for more information about the current schedules or to speak with our attorney today.

Current Fees
All of the fees are payable within two weeks of invoicing. I am not responsible for mailed, e-mailed, or faxed assignments without prior telephone notice and confirmation.


Queens County Court Appearances
$100 . . . Preliminary Conference
$100 . . . Compliance Conference
$100 . . . Pre-Trial Conference
$125 . . . Medical Malpractice Conference
$100 . . . Motion (@ Sutphin Blvd.)
$125 . . . Motion (@ Long Island City)
$100 . . . Framed Issue Hearing (Appearance Only)
$150 . . . Framed Issue Hearing (Hearing)
$150 . . . Infant's Compromise

Courtroom - Legal Services in East Northport, NY

Working for You
 I do not overload myself with too many cases on one day; this allows me to provide you with the personalized service you and your cases deserve. I provide detailed and acccurate reports of my appearance by the end of the day of the appearance.

 I was an assistance district attorney in Kings County when I first got out of law scchool (NY Law School).  I then worked for a firm that was outside counsel for State Farm Insurance®  for a few years and then a firm that was in-house counsel for Progressive Insurance Comany®.

Contact me today for your per diem needs at (917) 622-8983 for the finest in legal services.

"Swati's per diem law firm has been my lifeline in Queens for the last six years. Her preparation,
dedication, and accountability are second to none."  —Ed Marion, Ithaca, NY